Stephen Timms

Hello. I’m a senior freelance integrated copywriter. Before going freelance I spent four years plying my trade at OgilvyOne London. Previously, I’ve plied it at TBWA/London, Partners Andrews Aldridge, Harrison Troughton Wunderman, Rapier, Wunderman and Cogent Elliott. Scroll down and take a look at my work. Then see if you can pick the piece that picked up a Cannes Lions Direct Grand Prix. Discover the rare piece of John Lennon memorabilia I found in Rolls-Royce’s archives. Or see why sometimes 784 words are all you need to get your point across on a 48-sheet poster. Thanks for looking. If you’d like me to ply my trade for you, give me a call on 07980 446 308.

Stephen Timms

Coral World Cup Dugout

Without big-budget TV advertising on our side, we needed to find a way to grab market share during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and meet some tough profit targets from Coral.

We invented The Dugout. This was a concept that lived in Coral Shops, in advertising, on the web and in social media. It gave experienced bettors the latest World Cup facts, insight and odds they needed to make a more informed bet.

By the end of the tournament we had some pretty impressive results: 400 blog posts, 245 different ad executions, 3.77 million bets placed on the World Cup and a whopping 216% online gross profit target.

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