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Hello. I’m a senior freelance integrated copywriter. Before going freelance I spent four years plying my trade at OgilvyOne London. Previously, I’ve plied it at TBWA/London, Partners Andrews Aldridge, Harrison Troughton Wunderman, Rapier, Wunderman and Cogent Elliott. Scroll down and take a look at my work. Then see if you can pick the piece that picked up a Cannes Lions Direct Grand Prix. Discover the rare piece of John Lennon memorabilia I found in Rolls-Royce’s archives. Or see why sometimes 784 words are all you need to get your point across on a 48-sheet poster. Thanks for looking. If you’d like me to ply my trade for you, give me a call on 07980 446 308.

Stephen Timms

M&G Investments

The Brief
Back in 2002, the economy was as bad as it is today (or maybe even worse). M&G Investments wanted to revive their struggling brand in time for the crucial ISA (Individual Savings Accounts) selling season February – April.

The Solution
Research told us: a) the core audience were aged 45+; b) they saw M&G as a ‘trusted’ brand; c) even the experienced investors were confused by the volatile markets. We saw an opportunity for a ‘trusted’ brand to take the high ground and explain the confusion surrounding the investment markets.

(The creative idea itself, was inspired by the work of Howard Luck Gossage and Rupert the Bear annuals.)

The Results
Compared to 2001 response rates were up 30%, yet media spend was down 35%. With Cost per response also down 76% in the peak ISA selling month of March.

Some kind words from Gerry Moira in the 2005 Awards for National Newspaper Advertising annual.

  • For Long live long copy.

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